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Find Raya Elsewhere on the Internet

Following her passion to spread the good word of Islam,Raya has many channels where you can find her, follow her journey, and learn more about religion, from her and fellow scholars. 

Other places to find Raya and Information on Islam

Raya's Personal Facebook Page

Follow Raya's personal Facebook page for snippets on Islam, healthy living, and, occasionally, pictures of some cute cats.

Raya's Official Facebook Page

Follow Raya's official Facebook page for Raya's latest articles, videos, and useful information

Feminist Muslim

Learn how Islam advances the cause of women's rights, no matter what the modern media portrays. 

Islamic Information Center of Langkawi

Learn more about Islam and about Langkawi in this Facebook group for travelers, foreigners, locals, Muslims, and non-Muslims alike. 

Nations 2 Unite

More than ever before in the world we are at each other's throats. There is a better way. Peace is possible if we can all come together. 

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