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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

By: Raya Shokatfard

When I see the creations of Allah, it reminds me how great Allah is.

We see the sky… the sky is up there without any pillars, and in the sea the ships can sail without any help just with the wind, following the direction of the wind.

The bird flies on its own just with the wings, and plants are all green providing us oxygen.

Everything is so organized and Allah knows what is best for us; that’s the beauty of Allah, because He loves us so much; He provides everything that is required for us.

If we were to look around and appreciate what we have received from Allah, we realize how lucky we are and how much Allah loves us…

Watch Sister Noorhana’s talk for new Muslims:

Assalamu Alaykum,

My name is Noorhana, I reverted to Islam about twenty years ago.

How it happened was that I met a Muslim man who told me that in Islam we believe in one God. That surprised me because I have always believed that there is only one God, but I did not know where and how to pray to that God that I know exists.

Alhamdulillah, after getting to know this Muslim man, I asked myself how do I learn about this religion?

And with the will of God, I was proposed to marry this Muslim man and I accepted, and from there I came to learn about Islam.

Alhamdulillah, I became a Muslim, and I believe that my marriage was the way for Allah to bring me into Islam. And when I became a Muslim, I realized the beauty of Islam. I found out that Islam was a complete religion and a way of life. It really made me a better person, and I wanted to share Islam with all my friends and my family because I find it such a fantastic religion.

With the will of God, I was approached by my friend to do dawah work in Philippines.

I always wanted to do charity work, and I always wanted to make a difference to society. When I started to read the Quran, I felt a magical effect. I decided that I wanted to be a better Muslim, so I started wearing the hijab and I wanted to share Islam by inviting a lot of people into Islam. So I started an association to invite friends, Muslims and non-Muslims, to learn about Islam. I started with a group of twenty and Alhamdulillah today our class consists of about a hundred viewers.

Besides that, I felt that just holding classes was not good enough, I wanted to reach out. So I wanted to know how I can learn to reach out to the non Muslims. So I attended a course about the methods I should use to reach out to Christians, Buddhists and all the other faiths. In fact, after I attended the course, I prayed that I would make an effect and how I can make just one person to become a Muslim before I die.

With the will of God, I was approached by my friend to do dawah work in Philippines. We went to the Philippines and we gave a talk to the Christians in Philippines. Alhamdulillah, I decided to set up a center in Philippines and we started adopting Pilipino children who wanted to become Muslims. We help them with education and also we reach out to the Christians in Philippines. Before I left, Alhamdulillah, we managed to invite about sixty Christians to come into Islam from the efforts of our group.

We have actually also started a program to bring Muslim children to come over to Malaysia to study about Islam and become a da’ee so that when they go back to Philippines, they would be able to spread Islam in their own language, which would be more effective.

Message to the New Muslims

To the new Muslims, I would like to share the problems that I have encountered and we all have the same problems when we become Muslims.

We have to leave our culture, we feel that whatever we are doing is alien to what we have been doing, and this is very normal. Once we get used to it, we realize that covering up as required by Islam is actually something that we would ourselves like to do, not because we want to do but because of Islam, and we realize a lot of things that we are doing which is good for us.

Be patient with the problems you’re facing and He’s always there to help us.

What I experience is actually the closeness of being with God is an effect to me, and in fact that it is worthwhile to leave everything that I love. So the beauty is when you come close to God, that is when you feel that everything is worthwhile leaving. Whatever you feel that you have to leave you realize that it is good for you.

For example, if today I wear hijab and I realize it is good for me. It’s not something that I do because I’m forced to, and a lot of things that I learned we have to do as a Muslim, it’s just like, for example, we are not supposed to eat pork. Now it is scientifically proven that it is bad for us to consume pork. So I realized that whatever is taught in Islam is actually not only important because we are Muslims, but it is also good for us as human beings because Allah knows best. Allah is the one that created us and He knows what is good for us.

This is something that I like to share with other new reverts. Be patient with the problems you’re facing and He’s always there to help us; whatever problems we have, He is there. When we all come to problems, we realize that He is there to test us and we feel that He loves us so much because we are the chosen ones for Him to chose and bring us close to Him.

This is the best gift that we have received from Allah to become a Muslim, and for us to be able to go into Jannah (Paradise); something that is chosen specially for us because for everyone is given the opportunity. So I believe that, as a new Muslim, we should share our stories how we became Muslim with all your friends and family so that we can all be together in Jannah.

Finally, as a revert myself, I would like to congratulate you; I know how you feel, having gone through all the inconveniences that you have faced, you will realize that all the benefits will outweigh whatever inconvenience we faced; and rejoice and keep ourselves in knowledge, learn about Islam, you’ll find that you learn about the beauty of Islam and you realize that how beautiful Islam is; and keep me in prayer.

This video was filmed in Malaysia by sister Raya Shokatfard


Published on: Thursday, 13 June 2013

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