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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

By: Raya Shokatfard

There are those who feel that it is unjust that God would allow people who worship other than Him have their supplications answered and feel right about who they worship and at the same time be condemned worshiping other than Him.

God addresses this in the Quran: {When your Lord brought forth offspring from the loins of the Children of Adam and made them bear witness about themselves, He said, Am I not your Lord? They replied, We bear witness that You are. This He did, lest you should say on the Day of Resurrection, We had no knowledge of that.} (7:172)

Since Muslims believe the word of Allah is true, then the above verse clearly states that the awareness of His oneness is with every human subconscious, even if they worship other than God. If it was totally wiped out of their consciousness, then it would be unfair to condemn those doing the opposite. But Allah confirms that it is not wiped out at all. It is there but ignored by humans or wiped out of their conscious mind only.

Also, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Every child is born with a true faith (i.e. to worship none but Allah Alone) but his parents convert him to Judaism or to Christianity or to Magainism…” (Al-Bukhari, 1358)

This also means that babies are born with a pure uncorrupted soul that is in full awareness of God’s oneness. We have to realize that the souls of a baby and an old man are not subject to age. The soul does not age but does get influenced by the mind. It is either the mind corrupts it and takes it away from full connection to the Creator, or with proper upbringing and nurturing, the soul and the mind stay in harmony with each other and keep strengthening each other toward gaining Godly knowledge and actions.

Yes, the Prophets were sent to remind us despite the fact that there were many who opposed or killed them. Why? Satan is at work! Why would God allow him to do this? Guidance and freewill were gifts that no other creatures had except humans and he Jinn/Satan, but falling prey to Satan’s plot is not an excuse when alternatives and awareness/guidance are and have been made available.

To this point, do we see a place where God neglected His creatures and left them unattended? Did He leave Satan and his host run loose to take us to Hell without warning and proper guidance? Is it fair for a college student to be tested on a topic without having been given the manual to study? Why did He leave them loose to begin with, you may ask? He gave them freewill and with that comes choice of obedience and disobedience. So if He destroyed all who disobey, would that make it not unjust? Or would that not make everyone believe? Where is the test? Why test? It seems that one of the reasons that God honored us on earth and exulted our position above all other creatures was to see how we appreciate all this favor and how we respond to Him as grateful or ungrateful servants. But He did not just put us to test without proper guidance. He wants us to achieve the greatest position with Him, so He gives us the way to get there.

Is it fair for a college student to be tested on a topic without having been given the manual to study? Is it not the norm that a doctor only achieves his goal if he strives for years to complete necessary studies in order to be competent and pass his tests? Why is it so different that we should be given guidance and be tested? Why is it unfair to be warned that there are some unruly students who would try to distract us from our courses of studies and thus be given defense strategy to shun them away and keep ourselves focused on the topic so we can pass the test?

It is true that some people are unable to differentiate between divinely-ordained right or wrong and thus their self or society-made belief is giving them relief. Please read on. Why Is the Supplication of Disbelievers Answered? It would be helpful to read this article before you move on in order to have a better grasp of the points made here. The article clearly states that no one other than God is responsible to answer supplications. He does not respond only to believers. He is a just God and responds to all who ask for what they need or want according to His own wisdom and timing. Does the fact that the disbelievers have a good feeling toward their idols or whatever they worship make it God’s responsibility or their own?

What if a criminal kills a person and feels really good about it? Does that make the crime right? This can apply to all kinds of variables in life that we feel good and strong about and keep doing it because it has positive results, but at the end, it harms us.

If God tells us that He has sent messengers to all mankind, but also says “but most of them are heedless” – or “the scriptures have been corrupted.” What does that say about human nature?


Allah informs us about His justice and encourages us to turn to Him with certainty and conviction. Having the right feeling about something does not make it necessarily right! Even a thief may supplicate to a tree and end up successful robbing a widow. Does that make his action right? He got what he asked for here in this world but will end up in Hell later. Who was responsible for him to continue worshiping that tree and have a good feeling about it?

God’s Justice

It is very important to know that God is never unjust to any of His creatures. Doubting His justice may be a great injustice to oneself who has not taken the time to know his Creator. Allah informs us about His justice and encourages us to turn to Him with certainty and conviction.

{These are the verses of Allah. We recite them to you, [O Muhammad], in truth; and Allah wants no injustice to the worlds.} (3:108)

He also assures us that He has not made religion as a burden on our shoulders. He is just and only wants what benefits us.

{On no soul do We place a burden greater than it can bear: before Us is a record which clearly speaks the truth, They will never be wronged.} (23:62)

The last verse speaks a word of wisdom for those who reflect.

{Allah created the heavens and the earth for just ends, and in order that each soul may find the recompense of what it has earned, and none of them shall be wronged.} (45:22)


Published on: Thursday, 27 March 2014 

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